Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thing-a-day #11, #12, and #13

Yeah, I'm a little behind on the thing-a-days.
Do you ever just say "why did I do that?"
Ugh. That's what I'm thinking after finishing this little sweater.

Have you ever seen such a chunky, garish little baby sweater in your whole life? I knew almost immidiately that I didn't like it but I persevered and finished it anyway. I especially hate the loops on the bottom.

I have no little people to model my stuff so you'll have to see it on the penguin. You know what the worst part about putting sweaters on penguins is? Penguins have no shoulders. Poor shoulderless penguin!

If you like it, it's about a size 6m and it's yours, just leave me a comment and tell me you want it. Consider it my Valentines gift to you and your baby of choice. I'm not sure what pictures will be more embarrassing to show the boyfriend, the naked bathtub shots or pics of her in this laugh-in inspired get up!

Since I take requests and all... T1 wanted a little soft cloth to keep in his DS case. Knittin' Mama to the rescue! I knitted up this little dandy out of a scrap of polar fleece. It works great according to T1.

Now, the next thing a day is a big time cheat. I didn't make it. My wonderful hubby made me some sock drying feet! A lot of hand knit socks require handwashing and reblocking. That's a rough thing to do without some of these babies!

There are 2 of them there and yes,,, that's an exact tracing of my enormous foot. The holes are for increased air flow. He even sanded and painted them. Notice that they're red? Happy Valentine's Day to me! laugh

On the school front all things went well today and yesterday. You know, I press and press the kids. Partly because I don't want them to fall behind but mostly because if they don't know something they should know, it reflects badly on ME. Yup, I know that's egocentric but I said it out loud so I guess I'm owning it! Tonight a friend of the boys' came over. He's 13 but a bit on the immature side so they play pretty well together (my boys are 8 and 11). T1 had just finished up his math and don't ask me why, but he asked this boy "Are you good at Mathmatics?"
the friend replied "What?"
T1 - "you know,, mathmatics"
Friend- "I've never heard that word, I don't know what you're talking about"
T1- "MATH"
Friend - "OH! yeah, don't use such big words!"

What? Big words? T1 struggled through his vocabulary lesson for almost 30m today! Big words are NOT his thing!

T1- "What's 5^3rd?"
Friend- "15"
T1- "no, 5 to the 3rd power"
Friend- "yeah, 15"
T1 "Five to the third power is 5x5x5"
Friend- "yeah, that's what I said, 15"
T1 "it's 125!"
Friend "NO It's NOT!"
And arguement ensued. "MOM! is 5^3 =125?"
Me- "yes"
Yeah,, they do ok. It won't be long before we get to a place where I won't feel qualified to teach them tho. I've already resigned myself to having to hire a few tutors. The funny thing is,, we haven't done exponents in weeks! It was rude of T1 to quiz him like that and I told him so later but I must admit that at that moment, I too was a little curious if his friend knew the answer. After a few minutes T2 was filling him in on the history of the ballista and the trebuchet. Yeah, they're dorks,, but that's the way we like it.Dunce hat smiley

Have a wonderful Valentines day if you like Valentines day! I'm pretending it's not happening, it's better that way!heart

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Neurotic Att'y said...

I prefer the term "Black Thursday," but we can go with Valentine's Day. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your mathletes! ;)

Jennifer said...

I think those sweaters are cute! But I have no need for that size anymore ;0)

Evil Twin's Wife said...

That sweater is adorable. Too bad Sissy is too big for it. I hope you find a taker for it.

~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

Gotta laugh at the exponets... just yesterday, Adam had an exponent problem in the review section of his math book. It was 5^5 and what did he put as the answer??? 25 - he's no smarter than those ps kids. LMBO!

Jenny said...

Hey, I'll take that adorable sweater if no one else wants it!! I think it's cute! Of course, if I end up having another boy I may have to gift it out.

P.S. I wouldn't worry about your kids making you look bad as much as your lack of spell checking... it's mathematics, not mathmatics. ;)