Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hillbilly Hotdogs

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"Hillbilly Hotdogs is SO GOOD!"

"They have the best Taco Dogs!"

"That place is hilarious! You'll love it!"

Yes, I've been hearing these things for years now and I never doubted it one time. Really, I didn't. We just never got around to going for some reason. After our big hike today we made a special effort to stop. Especially after they got such a gleaming review from the WV Hotdog Blog!

I expected the hotdogs to be good, even great but I did not expect them to be DELICIOUS. I have a new favorite food. Yes, I'm serious. I'm not sure what secret fairy dust they sprinkle on those things (maybe it's crack) but they are DELECTABLE! I had the Taco Dog because I'd heard such good things about it. Sherry suggested I try it too. It's a dog on a bun, yes, but now add jalapenos, hot dog sauce (yes, I know it's chili but we calls it sauce here in Wesser Ginny), lettuce, tomato, cheese and sour cream. Yes, I know, you're thinking "GAG!" but I'm here to tell you, it was divine.

I expected the decor to be funny, and irreverant but we could barely stop looking around long enough to eat! The single weirdest, best dining experiance EVAH!

The service was wonderful. Sherry was a hoot. I didn't even mind that they didn't have any Pepsi or Onions! They didn't have these 2 very common items because today was their last day of business until March. They said that they close up shop every February because business is so slow. Good thing we stopped by huh?

Stephanie, they still haven't done anything to protect the radiator. It's a little worrisome. Folks, if you go,, don't TOUCH THE RADIATOR! it's HOT,, like LAVA hot!

I would say, even being sans onions and Pepsi, the experiance was a TEN!


Stephanie said...

GRR! We almost went this weekend too. I would have had to say something about that radiator. Maybe we were too nice about it the first time!

But I can't argue that the place is a fun experience and the hot dogs are wonderful!

Chris James said...

The joint on 3rd Ave in Huntington should stay open. They are a 4.5 weenie joint.

Buzzardbilly said...

When I was at Marshall, our department was in Smith Hall (less than a block from Hillbilly Hotdogs). I cannot resist a good dog with kraut and mustard. Their stand at 106.3's big outdoor show every year is a highlight for me.