Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Thing-a-day #11 Miserable Meeces

Ok, cut me some slack. It was a busy, busy day. Mondays always are. I needed a quick knit for the Thing-a-day challenge. I knit this little mousey. Pattern found HERE.

Note to self: Buy some cheese slices.

All he could find in the fridge was some cream cheese. A way yummier snack in my opinion anyway.

He's supposed to be a cat toy. My cats like laser nerf guns better than meeces. I sprayed him down with some smell good and stuffed him in my drawer.

School was torture today. T2 was just being a hard head. I'd say tomorrow will be better but there's snow on the ground so I can't see making them suffer by staying inside. Gotta sled while the sleddin' is good!
This evening at band I saw the funniest thing I've seen in ages. I won't name names but I saw an adult strait man do the a series of Brady Bunch dance moves. Oh,,,, I'm telling you,,, that was good! So in honor of that:

Well,, that's all I've got today


Anonymous said...

I like the mouse. Too bad I can't knit... it's the math of it. I think you have to be able to count don't you? I like your blog. I didn't realize you had one. How do you find the time? I can't imagine doing something everyday except eating and peeing (cause some days you just can't poop). You are good girlfriend! Cat

Neurotic Att'y said...

Oh, no...no, no, no...not the Brady Bunch dance. Are you sure he was straight?

crystal said...

Lara, oh yes,, abundantly strait! LOL
Cat, I'm not connecting the dots! Leave your full name!

Buzzardbilly said...

A friend who lived in NYC once told me she did piece work for a knitting store there sometimes. I think if anyone could make some knitting $$ that way, it would be you. Sorry I can't remember any details.