Sunday, February 24, 2008


That's how I feel. Foul. Flu? I has it. Ugh, it hit me all at once. One minute I'm fine, five minutes later? All the symptoms. I have TOO much crap to do this week to get this sick. My kids have a concert in Charleston this week. Not only that, we're expecting some significant snow on Wednesday morning. I'm do NOT want to go to Charleston in the snow. If I'm still hacking and snotting, I'm not going. I don't wanna pass this along to anyone else. Florida? What's your secret? Why are you the only place that isn't inundated with Flu A?
I knew it would happen eventually. We've been lucky thus far. None of my people have it.... yet. Probably just a matter of time. So yeah,, I've been even more of a slacker than usual. What's better is that the kids will prolly have it by Friday, when I'm supposed to go to Tester training.
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Jennifer said...

Why doesn't Florida have it? Because they HAVE SUNSHINE more oftne then not! I really think the getting out in the sun helps. AND their aren't all cooped up in schools, offices, homes all the time they ycan get outside away from each other and the germs LOL!!

It's went through here too. Avery actually never got what my parents & husband had BUT he's got some weird stomach thing going on, since Thursday. I'm tired of going to the potty with him ;)

I hope you feel better.
And I hadn't heard the weather forecast yet...thanks for that ;)

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Sorry you got the flu crud! Get better soon!