Friday, February 29, 2008

Goin' Nuts.

So, we're finishing up our school books for the year. YIPPEEE!! No one could be happier than me! Last night we did an activity from our Apologia Science book. The game is Tooty Fruity! Good stuff! I'm not entirely sure what we'll do with this information that we've acquired but it was fun.
Did you know that the following are considered fruits?
Milkweed - it's a follicle fruit
Magnolia - also a follicle fruit
Almonds- You're actually eating the pit of a drupe fruit!
Olives- another drupe.
Avocado- yes, it's a fruit and did you know it's a BERRY?
Sunflower and dandelion - achene fruit
Helicopters on Maple trees? -Samara fruit
We also learned that squash (like pumpkins) and watermelons are Pepo fruits, citrus like oranges, limes and lemons are Hesperidiums, and nuts, legumes, and grains too, are considered fruits.
Like I said, this info might be useful on Jeopardy one day but other than that? I dunno. The game was fun! We used the trivial pursuit pieces because we found that the game ended way too soon if we didn't go around 6 times. The NUTS! cards are the cards that say things like "go back 2 spaces, loose a turn" etc. The Tooty Fruity spaces are fruit identification spaces.
Just another reason that we've really enjoyed this book. Great information, easy format, fun activities!

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Jennifer said...

I did NOT know Avacado is consider a berry. Doesn't matter I don't like it either way ;0)
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