Friday, March 16, 2007

We haven't accomplished anything "formal" this week (read- actual bookwork) except math. Next week is Dad's vacation but there is lots of things planned for that week chore wise. We may get a few days of book work in but the schedual is still up in the air. This past week has been fraught with field trips, co-op and music lessons. Yesterday should have been a full school day but I "cut loose" on the laundry room and the kitchen. I don't know what got into me but it's clean now! I'm telling you, I MOVED stuff! yes, the UNDER side of stuff is clean! I even ran knick knacks through the dishwasher. We'll call it spring cleaning. Speaking of spring, I took the video below just to record the frog songs. Stephanie, this one's for you!

Some other signs of spring.

T1 woke up early this morning, about 6:45am. He claims that he doesn't know why. I told him not to sweat it, it was a reasonable hour and he could just get an early start.
He said "remember when I had to get up at this time every morning?"
I replied "How could I forget?"
He stretched and I realized that he can almost touch the top of the doorway.
Then he said "yeah, homeschool rocks, regular school is for suckers"
We both laughed. I agree homeschool is indeed "a biggity bonus"

I now feel the need to file a disclaimer. It is a hobby of T1 and I to exchange "CLEAN" urban slang. We end up laughing till we cry. Do me a large and don't judge me!


Dianna said...

We've actually had a very good homeschool week this week, probably the most productive one this entire school year! We had no outside committments at all this week, and I wrote out all the lessons per child per day (whew!) Next week won't be near as productive, we have our support group meeting, so at least one day will be no book work. We are taking today off too, mama's tired and needs to clean!
Dianna (WV, too)

J-Lynn said...

It's nice to just sit and chillax and enjoy the crib isn't it?

Funny post!

Stephanie said...

Great shots and video! thanks for the frog music. I'll soon be linking up to it! :)