Saturday, March 24, 2007

Red Meat.

Here's how it went.
We're at the grocery store acquiring some sustenance when I ask the DREADED question. "What do you children want to eat?" Oh Lord,, how I hate this moment in time. It usually goes
T1- "Anything" (which means, if it's not deep fried chicken fingers I don't want it)
T2- crosses arms and sticks out his tongue. (This makes me want to grab it and pull it out of his head)

Yesterday, it was different. I asked and T1 said "How about Hamburgers!" and T2 said "Yeah!" and I passed out. No, not really but I was sure that this was not happening. You see, my oldest child has never let a piece of red meat pass his delicate taste buds. Then, get this, he says "I eat hamburger ALL the TIME MOM!" Ummm, I've cooked probably 95% of this child's meals. I KNOW he doesn't eat ground beef, or any beef for that matter! I'm serious. He meets the suggestion of hamburgers with vomitous refusal.
I told him "(T1), if you would eat a hamburger, it would change my life!, you're not joking are you?". He replies "MOOOooommmm,, I LOVE hamburger!" I didn't argue, I just bought 3lbs of ground round. The picture above tells the story. He ate that hamburger and I am a new woman!

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