Thursday, March 1, 2007

Spring Fever

I don't know if I'm hopped up on Diet Coke or I'm just super excited that it's finally March! (officially as of midnight!) Every year around Thanksgiving I start hateing. I hate the cold, I hate the dreariness, I hate the sickness, I hate the being cooped up, I hate, hate, hate. I keep on mumbling my mantra, sometimes under my breath sometimes not, "come on March, come on March". Not that March is much better in WV. It can be just as snowy, wet and cold as the rest but March often comes with little suprize glimpses of spring and that is what alerts my senses to the light at the end of the bleak, dismal tunnel. March also brings Easter dress shopping and shelves lined with colorful Easter baskets in the stores. I NEED color. I can appriciate shades of grey in a fine wool or a heated debate but I think I physically NEED color. It might be why I'm so addicted to yarn! Best of all, March brings SPRING! Only 19 more days guys and gals, I'm countin' 'em down!
The boys have adopted my hatered of Winter and my enthusiasm for Spring as well. The sun was shining today but it was still kinda chilly. They just could NOT consentrate on their bookwork. They were positively giddy that February was almost over! They started plotting about how they could finish up their math books for the year and get vacation early. I told them that when math was done, we were done. Everything else will be more of the same next year right?
But now it's almost 1am and I vowed earlier today that tonight I was going to get some rest. HA! didn't happen huh? Maybe tomorrow!


Amy @ the foil hat said...

Oh yeah! Everything else is more of the same. When the kids finish their math, we're generally DONE. So far, so good.

I'm in FL and I have been waiting and praying for March. I'm so happy to be out of February. Hooray for March. Tomorrow might actually be the day I finish the laundry for longer than two hours! Yes, March inspires me THAT much.

crystal said...

I hear ya! I was on a laundry kick today too! I'm almost done. What???? yeah, you heard right, almost all the clothing is in the closet. Maybe tomorrow I'll do blankets! It's serious doctor, she's got a serious case of spring fever!

Stephanie said...

I am also very happy to have spring here. Of course around here that just means mud, but at least the kids can be outside! :)