Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The incredible edible egg!

Recently we've been all about not having our food be overly processed. (Full or hormones and pesticides) We bought a pig (and ate it, YUM!) and this year we'd like to buy a cow and a pig. I've also been buying organic free range eggs. Last night I watched an episode of "How it's made". They showed what happens in a hatchery. I may never ever eat industrialized eggs again. It airs again on the 20th of March. Try and catch it, you'll be on my bandwagon, I garuntee ya!
I've been buying my eggs from my best friends son. He's 9 and has a whole peep! At Kroger I was paying $2.89 for 12 organic free range eggs which I seriously doubted were free range or organic. I got 18 from Mason yesterday for $2.00! I ate them this morning and YUMMY! Much better flavor than the ones in the store. They were also HUGE! I was checking them out and I couldn't help but feel for that chicken!

Those are my eggs!
I'm easily entertained, I know.

And for fun, check this out!
The Egg Song!

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Amy @ the foil hat said...

Oh, please, I'm begging you, let me stay ignorant about eggs. When my first three boys are out of the house, maybe I can afford to listen then.