Thursday, March 29, 2007

A real (long) post.

We've had another busy week!
Sunday we had our traditional lunch celebrating pork. This is the day each week that daddy likes to cook, so daddy cooks what daddy likes.... pork products. Now I'm not saying we don't enjoy the bacon! We occasionally have ham steaks, too. Can you say "Heart disease?" yup,, I knew ya could.

While daddy cooked, I walked around the yard and took pictures. It was soooo pretty out Sunday!

Monday. Hmmm, what more can I say about Mondays. Guitar practice came first and then usually we go strait to Band practice but this week the band was meeting at 6pm instead of 3pm. It was more of a rehersal really because they were the "special music" for one of the band member's church revival.

They did a great job! Everytime they play they get better! The Howerton's also sang and that was very nice! They sang Untitled Hymn (Come to Jesus).

Tuesday brought our Easter Celebration at Co-op. The kids were pretty well behaved and there was no cell phones! (YEAH!) They hunted eggs and T2 won a 10$ gift card! WOOT! They also organized a wonderful Seder dinner for us. It really is interesting. I forget the name of the church that came and performed the service for us but I know that they are Messianic Jews. Before and after the meal, the church's dance troop performed. The lady with the scarf on her head is the pastor of their church. I regret that I can't recall her name either. I should have taken notes! She's a homeschool mom too!

Afterwards the dancers took the kids out and showed them a few moves!

I had to knit a hat this week (someone twist my arm! ha ha) but this hat is going to a "Hat and Earring Party" this Saturday. Now let me see if I get this right. Everyone pull out their family trees. My friend's, husband's, cousin's sister is preparing to go through some pretty nasty chemo. It's breast cancer and she's a very young woman.

As always, you'll have to excuse the "Severed Head of Eric Carr" The hat pattern comes from the free Lion library. I've had that ball of Egyptian Cotton hand spun yarn in my stash for ages and this seemed a perfect use for it. It'll be soft and cool for the spring and summer.

And finally, T2 had me take some (very low quality) video of his minnows and water snails. We have one of the speediest snails you've ever seen! I told him we should name one "Flash" and one "Gary" (obscure spongebob reference). If you're still with me, enjoy!

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~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

Oh dear, I worry when I "get" the obscure Spongebob reference. But I think that snail could beat Gary AND Snaily (even more obscure Spongebob reference) in a snail race!! ;)