Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Critter Day at the Capital! Bring on the pictures!

Today we made another trip to Charleston to participate in Wildlife Diversity Day This is one of the coolest things we have ever done! The various WV DNR organizations did a wonderful job setting up educational and fun booths for the kids. Most were interactive. They even had one called "Who's SCAT is that?" where you open the doors and see what kind of "poop" each kind of animal has! It's no secret that I LOVE big birds. No. Not the goofy yellow kind. This Golden Eagle immidiately caught our eye and I am IN LOVE with him! He's so majestic!

I am NOT, however a fan of snakes or anything "icky" for that matter. I did manage to touch the snakes. There was a Corn snake (pictured) and a King snake. All in all today, I touched 3 snakes. I think I'm done for the year, or maybe for life don't you?

This was a pretty neat booth, the kids had to put their hands in the "Mystery Box" and guess what was inside.

Look at the wing span! I could go on and on about how impressed I was with the birds! Owls are not big birds perse but I still love them! Look how freaky this little guy is!

The obligitory "posed" shot of the day!

Our state animal, the Black Bear! Goofy kids.

After we were at the Capital for about 20 minutes, HORDES of school kids came in and we couldn't get out of there fast enough! So we zipped out to get something to eat at Wendy's and proceeded to the Clay Center to see a 360 movie on the Serengeti and participate in an animal classification workshop. The movie was spectacular! It made me a little nauseated and I had to close my eyes a lot (I'm a wuss) but it was really good. The workshop had more of my favorite. Up close and personal experiances with icky animals. Why or why must everyone have Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches? YUCK! My best girlfriend Tarah picked it up but man,,,, she's a braver soul than me!!

Yup, that's my baby with a snake on his arm! I've brought him up all these years, protected him from snakes and other harms and the kid says "PUT IT ON MY ARM!" I could die.
We closed out the day by checking out all the other interactive museum displays. The kids had a GREAT time and I am so glad that we decided to make the trip 2 days in a row!

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