Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Tuesday's Gone.....

Tuesday, you see, she had to be free
But somehow I've got to carry on.

Tuesday was another busy day of "NOThome school"! Every other Tuesday is co-op. I'm still on the fence about co-op but the kids seem to like it. We only have 3 sessions left for this year.
WOW! Things are wrapping up fast! Every year around this time we get that mad dash to the finish mentality. Public school, Private school, Home school. It doesn't matter, you just want to get done!

I'm going to state the obvious here and say, I realize I'm intolerant. Anyone who has spent 5 minutes with me knows that. I prefer to think that I'm probably at least as tolerant as 75% of people, I just can't keep it to myself. It's a personality flaw or maybe just plain old immaturity. I'm not intolerant of the BIG stuff. Race, nationality, personal liberty, orientation, and religion. All that stuff and me co-exists nicely. I happen to be irritated and offended by LITTLE stuff. Stuff that should be water on a duck's back. Here's the latest thing that is bugging me. If ya'll don't like reading pittaly vents you can skip this. Rewind to my post on EGGS!

In co-op we see 3 sets of children. 5-6s, 7-8-9s, 10 and up (to what age, I'm unsure). The little ones are hard to handle but the lady I'm in class with reminded me that this is really far stretched from their everyday reality and she's totally right. The 10 and ups, they are pretty great, they WANT to learn stuff so we have lots of fun with them. Now my middle group. Where do I start?! OK, I know exactly where to start. There is one little boy who will NOT STAY OFF HIS CELL PHONE. Yes, his cell phone. Last session his phone rang and I looked at him as he answered it.
I told him he needed to wrap it up and he informed me that it was important and he "had to take it" (the call).
I was confused by this so I told him to take his call in the hall and to hurry up. He was gone FOREVER so I went out and got him.
He was still on the phone with his DAD!
Now you tell ME,, what kind of deal is goin' down between father and son than can't wait?
Well,, whatever, I let it slide. I thought that they might be having some scheduling issues or something but it still eluded me as to why mom wasn't the one taking the call.
Fast forward to yesterday. Our middle class was coming in and we were missing one.
I asked the class "who's not here?" and they told me.
I stepped out into the hall and across the gym I see him.
I call out to him "ARE YOU COMING TO CLASS?" and he turns and gives me the "one minute finger" and now I can see he's on the cell phone again.
I was aghast.
I find this incredibly rude. There will not be a cell phone in my next class. He can give it to his mother.

SHEWWW,,, glad I got that off my chest.

After Co-op we went to the skating rink. It's once a month and the kids look forward to it. We may have to do a birthday party there next month! That was fun and the our friends the Perry's came too! It was such a nice day that we decided to go to the park after that. When it's 78 degress in March in WV, you just CAN'T waste it! Our guys were exhausted and filthy. That's the making of a sucessful day in my book!


Stephanie said...

I think I'd be talking with the parents about that one.

Amy @ the foil hat said...

Oh you are way nicer than me. I would so have been on the phone with that child's father and then delivered the cell phone to his mom.

I'm 41 and can think of two instances where I've really "had" to take a call. Can't remember anything that happened in my life when I was 7-8-9.

What an incredibly rude family.

Tim said...

I so would have taken that phone right out of his hand dad on the other line or not, and would have had a heart to heart with his dad letting him know how I feel, about that. ok a little more politely than that sounded but I would have been pretty firm with him.
One day during High school band Brittney's cell phone went off, and she was embarrassed more than anything. I did make a comment teasing her because I knew she knew it wasn't appropriate. The next week she announced she had her phone on vibrate, and I haven't had any issues since.. I thought it was funny she was really embarrassed she turned red and everything.
the kid, however, I would have been a bit more stern with the kid since he didn't know it was a bit rude...