Saturday, March 10, 2007

Mommy's Tunes

Ok, this is the greatest Widget ever. Tim I thought of you whilst I was compiling my list. I could see all kinds of Switchfoot songs on yours! LOL Check out what's on my sidebar. I love it. It's free and it holds 78 songs. You can also set it so it doesn't start playing when the page loads. I set it that way so all you folks with the slow connection would stop cursing me! (As if ya'll aren't cursing the massive amounts of pictures anyway!) Just click "create playlist" and make your own! I'll warn you, it's addictive! I spent way to much time this morning searching for music! It's called Project Playlist and it's kinda what Myspace does when you want to add music to your page. So you're not downloading music, you're just listening to what your favorite blogger (me!) is listening to! Enjoy!

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Sunshyne said...

hey! nice to "meet" you. I perused your blog a bit this afternoon, the Penn & Teller bit was great, and I like your playlist too! I haven't had any takers on "A Good Yarn" - wanna swap?? email me - verasunshyneATyahooDOTcom