Sunday, March 4, 2007


I live in a house full of car freaks. Not so much gear heads, (this may be a blessing in disguise) but they just love all things automotive. Last night was the 30th annual World of Wheels car show here in Htown. It was a given that we would attend. Does mommy like cars? Ehhhhh,, I can pick out a pretty one and I think I know what a piece of junk is and what a quality car is but other than that? I could care less.
We actually saw one of my old cars there and all got a chuckle when I told the boys that when we were first married daddy made me sell it because even tho we desperately needed 2 cars he was embarrassed by it. It was a maroon 1978 Chrysler LeBaron.

I ask you, Who could hate this car?

It had valour bench seats and rolled down the highway like a TANK! Of course it kinda stunk like motor oil and if anyone smaller than say... 4ft tall, was in front or behind me I'd flatten them because the car didn't have blindspots, it WAS a blind spot! Dh claims it made his eyes bleed.

The boys were sufficiently engaged last night. I walked dutifully in front, breaking up the crowd with my stealthy maneuvers and magic "excuse mes".
I did see something *I* liked though! It's one of those things were you just melt inside and you immidiately get swept up into a fantasy world. Imagine me in my Wayfarers and circa 1969 head scarf, buggin down the road in THIS

Oh wow.

The boys saw plenty of things they liked too. Mostly old Mustangs and Hemi-Cudas and junk like that.

We had to stop by the bookstore after that so T1 could pick up the next book in the series that he's reading right now.

He sped throught the first one in no time flat. It's amazing how quickly you can whip through a book when you like it!

March is still coming in like a lion here in WV. As we were pulling out, it started to snow!

Not a bad Saturday night!

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andie@andthemama said...

I'm sorry Crystal, but I'm with your dh on this one. That is one sad, ugly car! :)