Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Swamp is Alive, with the Sound of Honking.

Driving out to Greenbottom for a hike is one of our favorite things to do. We went about a month ago and everything was still cold and sleepy. This warm March day acted like an alarm clock for the inhabitants of the Powell Wetlands. There were bugs, tadpoles, Coots, geese, turtles, frogs, birds-a-plenty, fish, and evidence that the beavers have been busy!
If you look closely, you can see a little school of fish!

The geese were really.....uhm..... wow.... uh..... making a lot of baby geese.
"No, honey, they're making baby geese"
"but they look mad!"
"No, only the girl goose is mad honey"Laughing Smiley

Photobucket This picture just said "Lord of the Rings" to me.

The turtles were so skiddish! As soon as I snapped this picture this turtle took a swan dive right into the water from that high spot on the log. Too funny!

Another half dozen turtles on a log!

turtles in march The water looked so pretty with the sun shining!

march swamp "Aren't you guys coming down?"

high perspective
The guys checking out the Beaver dam. There was freshed downed logs, freshly packed mud and all of the weeds had been cleared. Busy Beavers!

beaver dam

We hiked for about 2 hours before we decided that it was time to get lunch at Hillbilly Hotdogs.
Unfortunately, it was still closed. Sharie's brother passed away. Our condolences to the Knight family and Sharie's family.
We were really in the mood for some WV dogs so we drove to the downtown location. I didn't think it was as good but it's hard to mess with perfection! If Rt.2 is a perfect 10, then the 3rd Ave. location is a 9.75.
T1 got a chicken sandwich.... made with chicken nuggets!
T2 got 2 plain dogs with ketchup
Daddy got 2 WV dogs (in very un-WV-ian fashion) with just sauce and mustard. A real WV dog has that + slaw and onions =YUM.
I had a Rahall Red Hot. It was really good. hot mustard, jalapenos, kraut, grilled onions, on a mett. It was good, and it definitely cleared out the sinus (if only temporarily) but not as good as the taco dog! Photobucket

And finally,, happy things. Two kitties waiting on the bed,, ready to snuggle. Ok, not really, they mearly tolerate us but all the same, it makes me happy!

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Jennifer said...

LOL!! I like how you threw that hotel Las Vegas in there an afterthought ;0)
We had a great day OUTSIDE yesterday too, celebrating a birthday!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Ah, gotta love this Spring-like weather - while it lasts. Neat pics!

Chris James said...

Ketchup, on a hot dog?


crystal said...

I know, GROSS right? Little T is that way. He's that kinda kid who'll eat ketchup on anything that isn't moving. I'm not a fan, I don't understand it.

Buzzardbilly said...

Love the pics! Sounds like it was a great day out.

I love napping with cats. One of my cats feels like I should pet him to sleep when he wants to nap. He'll go stand on the bed and meow for me to come pet him. I love him so.