Thursday, March 20, 2008

I love it when you find stuff you forgot you had!

While I was cleaning yesterday I found a package of Crayola Window FX Markers I bought ages ago. At the time, we used them to decorate the fish tank and just play with. As you know, our home is itty bitty tiny. We do all of our schoolwork at the kitchen table. Nevermind that the kitchen table is actually a kitchen table too!

Up until now I've been using one of those really big drawing tablets when I had to explain something to both kids because a dry erase board or a chalk board is just out of the question. What I DO have in the kitchen though, is a really nice set of french doors!

VIOLA! I have a chalk board! or,, er,,, a dry erase board,,, or er... well,, something anyway!

In the pictures you can't really tell, but it shows up REALLY well. It appears hard to read but it's not! Oh,, and please excuse the nastiness of the back yard and the glass. I'm getting to it!


If you have a problem with drug addiction and you want to beat it, do you often equate that with luxurious accommodations? Well, if you lived in Malibu you could! This drug rehab facility is 5 stars! Gourmet foods, horseback riding, and flat screen TVs are just a few of the things I noticed. I also noticed that no where on that website was a treatment price list. I guess if you have to ask,, you can't afford it!


~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

WE used to do that on our windows using regular dry erase markers. They worked fine but I've never tried the ones specifically made for glass so I can't compare.

nathan harris said...

Drug rehab is a good thing no matter what the cost. i have a six year old we use the same thing on our windows