Friday, March 14, 2008

My favorite Homeschool Resource

Did you know that the Homeschool Estore is now Currclick? I've used the products available on this site many times. I like the instant access it provides. In the past I've gone to them for complete unit studies but there is so much more to be found! Back when it was Homeschool Estore, I would browse around but quickly get overwhelmed. As Currclick, they've updated and enhanced some very useful features.

  • Wishlist- Now I can shop at Currclick like I do at Marshalls! I get a buggy full of stuff and then I get buyers remorse and put 90% of it back! You can do this without putting it in your shopping cart. This is handy because you can come back at a later time and make your final decision. Good stuff!
  • Quick Preview- There is a small preview at the bottom of each product description that will give you a quick interactive preview of the product. It's neat, it looks like you're really turning the pages.
  • Full Size Preview- Ok, they've always offered this but it's much more streamlined now. I do with they'd select pages from throughout the book instead of the first 4-5. Sometimes those pages are just filler and I can't "get a feel" for the study.
  • Sidebar Information- At a glance you can see everything you need to know. Publisher info, your cart, your wishlist, updates, top sellers, and you can even write a review!
  • Layout- The whole site has received a facelift. It's bright, clean and colorful.
  • One-click- Now Curr-click can securely store your payment information. I love this. There is a seperate button for one click purchases. They've made it so easy!

While I was checking Currclick this morning I ran across two products that caught my eye. Handwriting practice books for highschoolers (7-12). They'll be a perfect addition to our curriculum for next year! T1's handwriting is ..... well.... unique. He writes as neatly as he can but his letters just have an very unusual shape. Most handwriting books that I've used have been geared towards younger children. That's still great for my 8 year old but T1 needs something geared towards his interests. A Backpackers Alphabet and A-Z Homesteading Cursive fit the bill! They are stunning! That's the only word I can think of to describe them! The copy work is useful and interesting and the artwork around the edges of the page will appeal to him. Last but not least, the price is very reasonable. Quite a few of the products available on Currclick are writen by homeschool parents. When an item is as cool as this it makes me feel good to know that another parent is making a little money!


You can still find your weekly freeie at Currclick (my personal favorite!) This week's freebie is Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl (Focus on Reading Study Guide) An $18.99 value! Yours for the low low price of FREE! If you haven't before, do check out Currclick. This is an UNPAID advertisment. I just wanted to write about my favorite homeschool resource!

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Jennifer said...

Hey Crystal...are all of their products or most of them downloads to print & use as you wish? Seems like what I looked at was so I was just wondering ;)