Friday, March 7, 2008

LOST (in more ways than one)

It should have been a very exciting day. We thought it would be.

Damn Leap Year.

Here's how it went down.

I get this Email (from someone who will remain nameless because it was an honest mistake) that says that Wildlife Day at the Capital was Friday March 7th.

I passed this email around to everyone I knew.

I built up the kids and assured them we'd be braving any kind of weather or circumstance to go to "Critter Day".

I get in from Mom's Night out in time to watch the news. On the news is....... Wildlife day. It happened on THURSDAY! Oh. My. God.

You see,, last year Friday was on the 7th too. So when a person looked at the news release (that was NOT labeled with a year BTW) and saw that it was on Friday the 7th it made total sense. If it were LAST year it would have been Friday the 6th (or is it the eighth?) right? Wrong. Leap year caused it to fall on the same day so there was mass confusion.

I may have inadvertently caused a slew of people to miss this once a year occurrence.

I feel awful. I tried to send out as many emails as possible that night to keep anyone from making the trip.

The boys were devastated of course. They were really looking forward to it.

I sincerely apologize to anyone who made the trip and for those who missed it. I feel like a total dork.

We didn't end up doing anything exciting on this horribly rainy day. We went out and bought T2 some desperately needed shoes, renewed T1's Gameinformer subscription, and ate at Big Loafer. whooooo hooooo.

That reminds me. My kids have always loved to play the Alphabet game. We do it every time we have to drive a long way or wait on something. Today, at Big Loafer we played whilst we waited on our Pepperoni Rolls (while you're at it check out Steph's blog, she wrote about home made pepperoni rolls today!). Here's what you do:

  • Pick a topic. Popular ones with us are Cars, Animals, Cartoon Characters, and Movie Titles.

  • Start with the youngest person

  • Each person has to name something in the topic that starts with that letter. i.e. if you're doing animals the first person might say "APE" or "ANTELOPE" or "AARDVARK". The next "BABOON", the next person, "CHAMELEON" etc.

  • You go through the whole alphabet of course. Sometimes the person can't think of anything, that's ok, we all try it and if no one can think of anything,,, we skip it.

Today, the boys wanted to play the LOST alphabet game. Oh HECK yeah! I'm game! We're all a little sick with LOST mania!

A- Airplane

B- Beach

C- Charlie

D- Dharma

E- Ethan

F- Flight

G- Guns (they always seem to have them)

H- Hurley

I- Island

J- Jungle

K- Kate


M- Monster

N- Numbers

O- Oceanic Flight 815

P- Polar Bears

Q- Questions

R- Rescue

S- Sawyer

T- Transceiver

U- Underground

V- Vanished

W- Walt

X-eXodus (ok, we know this one is a stretch)

Y- Your Ultimate Destination (An Oceanic Air reference)

Z- Zinger (as in Sawyer's names for Hurley)

The kids are just as obsessed as I am. I'm good like that, passing my vices off on the kids.


Are you frustrated with loosing weight? Well, me too. I've checked out the top diet pills only to realize that there is no magic bullet. The only thing that works is not taking in more calories than you can burn. Darn. Eating is fun!


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Neurotic Att'y said...

You aren't the only one. Someone on my WVU sports message board posted that it was wildlife day, too, and I thought that was funny. Working here at the Cap., I knew it wasn't on the calendar, but then I thought maybe it was a misprint or something. Oh well, there's always next year.