Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Explosion!

Is it just me or did everything just go kaboom! today. Buds on trees turned to little leaves, my daffodils finally bloomed, wasps and bees were buzzing all around (grrrrrr) and the kids even put on some shorts to play in the yard! It was gorgeous out today. I sat out on the porch and finished a scarf for a friend. I promised it too her in September, so it only makes sense that I finish it on the prettiest day of the following spring! haha.

The boys finished their book work pretty quickly today. We did the next chapter in Eye Openers: Exploring Optical Illusions . They're really loving it. It's written really well. We can't wait to start Art and Vision: Seeing in 3-D® . We'll have to finish it up quickly though because this warmer spring weather will mean that we can crack out Apologia Botany again very soon!

Speaking of plants and how they grow...

We hope that we'll be able to get the garden plowed very very soon! I hope it doesn't pour the rain before Daddy can get the tiller out there and get it turned under! Our yard stays so damp. It's hard to find a time where the tiller isn't turning up giant mud clods instead of dirt.

Tomorrow I feel like I have a zillion things to do.

Go to Goodwill

Get the car inspected

Make sure the kids get some school in.

Finish the laundry

Stop by the store and pick up some travel supplies

Go to the bank

Get the house in a decent state so it won't take too long to recover on Monday

Go to the grocery store for potato salad stuff.

Ok, so it's not so bad when I see it all written down.

Have a happy Thursday! The weekend is almost here!


andie said...

NOTHING has bloomed up here-you're lucky! We've got just the beginnings of buds *maybe* loosening up a bit...maybe.

Enjoy your trip!

Jennifer said...

Nothing has bloomed in my yard yet!!

And it wasn't warm enough for shorts in our yard yesterday either. We're up against the mountains and are really just getting a sliver of sunshine. I hate the 'dark season' for thar reason alone. Supposedly we're buying property in some sunshine to build.

yeah...we'll see.
Dd finished her schoolwork for the year yesterday ;) Brother is not far behind!!