Friday, March 21, 2008

Laundry Room


Clean. REALLY clean. I love it. I don't have to shimmy sideways to get to the washer and dryer! WOOT!

Yes, you heard me,, I said woot.

Today I'm onto the living room. Aside from wiping a bunch of junk down, mopping the floor, cleaning the ceiling fan and vacuuming the couch, I should have it knocked out in no time flat (compared to the other rooms). It's a good thing because I also have errands to run today. All this AND make sure the kids learn something.

As big of a pain in the butt that the house cleaning has been, it's been worth it. Stuff doesn't stink, the lack of clutter is wonderful, and I might not even be devastated if someone showed up on my doorstep. Ok, I might still be a little devastated but at least it looks like "gee, this chick cleans but she doesn't have a lot to work with here!" Oh well.

Can you believe it's almost APRIL? How did that happen? March is 2/3rds over! I'm loving it though. I love spring. I love love love love spring! Summer is nice,, but hot. Spring is almost perfect. I could be slightly less rainy but other than that? Perfect. I've almost got daffodils in the yard, my pussy willow is covered in little fuzzy bits and my dogwood is about to burst! Ahh, gotta love it. I wish spring lasted as long as winter seems to last.

Well, I'm not getting it done by sitting here yammering on about warm weather! Later!
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Now,, if I could just get the living room clean!


~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

you're making me feel bad about the nastiness of my house. Maybe I should clean something? maybe
On the other hand, my daffodils are already blooming! :)

Evil Twin's Wife said...

That whole pussy willow/dogwood sentence is a bit on the obscene side. Then again, I've got a gutter mind. Sorry 'bout that.