Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sticks: Confiscated

So I did it. I protested. I marched in the rain, I passed literature. None of us were real sure what we were doing, we just knew we felt passionately about opposing REAL ID. Quite a few people showed up and I was happy to see that.

When Big Daddy came home I had him take my 2 signs and adhere them, back to back to a stick so I could carry it above the crowd. Well, the first thing the cops did was make me take my stick out.

FASCISTS! (ha ha,, I just like saying that,, It reminds me of the "Young Ones")

I had my backpack on and inside I had scissors, knitting needles, regular needles, and (GASP!) a pocket knife.

But, yeah,,, take my stick. Whatever.

BD stuck it to my sign with Gorilla Glue so it totally farked up the back of my sign taking it off. It worked out ok though because my friend Vicki had come sans sign and she got to use my other one.

Here's a few pictures but they're not real exciting. It was hard to get a shot of anything in that building. It's like a cave.

This first one is when Joe Manchin came out to talk to us. He's not ready to oppose this, but darnit,, I still really like him.

This one is where his people agreed to take us in and talk to us in his office.

And finally, us marching in front of the capital on Washington Blvd.

I was SOOOOO TIRED last night. What is it about getting rained on all day that just saps your energy?? OH,, and on a different note completely

The Rt. 60 Taco Bell? Apparently I'm a "drink thief"

I pull up to the drive through and order my Steak Grilled Stuffed Burrito and a few chicken tacos for the kids. We're heading strait home so I didn't order any drinks. The little perferations in the order board said "Anything to drink?"

Me- "no thank you!"

I pay at the first window to the very polite heavily tattooed boy that works there. Seriously, he's worked there for a while and is the most polite person I've ever seen at a fast food establishment, possibly anywhere. It's not annoying polite either, it's good polite. Anywhoo.. I digress.

I go to the next window and this dorky kid is there. No shocker. Then this other girl shoves him out of the way and says:

"You didn't pay for a drink"

Me-"correct, because I didn't order one"

She- "But he handed you one"

Me- "incorrect, he did not"

She- (craning her head outside the window and practically in the window of my SUV) "I saw him do it, where's the drink?"


.....and she still gave me the skunk eye. Now, I must believe that this happens to everyone, not just me. I just seem to get annoyed easier I suppose. Funny tho isn't it? I'm a drink thief. Snicker smiley


Those of you who know my kids know that they are obsessed with luxury items. Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Rolex Watches, multi thousand dollar assault rifles, and gigantic homes. Now, we may never have any of these items but if you are looking to spend as much on a watch as most people spend on a car, check out Essential Watches for new unworn Rolexes.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Shame on you - drink thief! I wonder who pooped in her Wheaties?

Neurotic Att'y said...

Um, why would the guy at the money window give you a drink? That girl must have been high. Even if he had, though, that would start to make up for all the times they "forgot" to put my nachos in the bag!!! Fascists! :)

Neurotic Att'y said...

P.S. I can't believe they took the sticks. They aren't concerned enough about security to put up metal detectors and such in the one building on the campus that houses the Governor's Office, the Legislature, and the Supreme Court, but they're concerned over a STICK?!

Nadine said...

The Young Ones!!! My mom used to watch that with my brother and me when we were little. I love Neil. "What about the lentils, man?"

crystal said...

Way to make me feel ancient Nadine! LOL

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I watched The Young Ones on MTV when I was in college. I now own the complete series on DVD. Love the Brits!

Sheri said...

Ooooh! Those look yummy. And good for you you big drink stealing, stick toting, sign carrying menace!