Monday, October 15, 2007

Busy Monday, it's all about the food.

I tried today, I really did, but nothing went smoothly today. Just busy, busy, busy.
T2 wouldn't do his book work. He couldn't concentrate so we fought. I was getting phone call after phone call so I finally turned the phone off.
Then I had a phone call I wanted to make. Before I knew it, it was time for band. Well, guess what? I hadn't even bathed yet. Lovely huh? We missed lunch because we had a late breakfast. This part will be important later.
We went to band and the inevitable happened. Our band director told T2 and I that his crappy trumpet was inadequate. Well,, more than inadequate, unplayable. I was really hoping it would hold out a little longer but alas... it's time. He was great to help us with a loner for a short time until we can secure a new one though!
(Tim, I promise to work really hard to find one and give yours back PRONTO)
So then we ran home and I was mulling over what I was going to do with this piece-o-junk trumpet I have when I looked at the fridge and noticed the receipt! I examined it and read that I could return for any reason within 45 days of purchase.
What day is it?
What day did I buy it?
How many days does September have?
oh crap.
I bought it September first, it's now October 15. You guessed it! It's 5:30pm on the 45th day from purchase in a store 5 towns away. I tell the kids "GET IN THE CAR! We need to ROLL!"
They are unhappy. We are hungry. Dinner has been previously made and I cannot justify eating out. More on this later.
So, we travel for about 15 minutes. I look over and something is nagging me about that trumpet case. I glance at the receipt again, I open the case and think. "it's all good"
Then it occurs to me.

The trumpet had come in a box, it had the price tag and all the other info on the BOX.
Oh, bother.
Exit ramp.
On ramp.
15 minutes back down the road.
Box retrieved.
15 minutes back UP the road.
The best part of the evening is that there was no problem returning it. We nose around a bit and then pile back in the car and head 5 towns back home.
Now Daddy is home and heating up dinner. We straiten up a bit and get ready to sit down for dinner. Well, I remember that I have to have snack stuff for Co-op tomorrow so off for a quick trip to the store.
Why are so many people shopping on Monday night? Wow. That quick trip took almost 30 minutes.
So I come home, unload groceries and set down to a nice plate of pa-sketti. Well everyone was watching TV so I go to sit down with them. I've got the plate in one hand and I'm trying to clean off a chair with the other. That's when it happens....
MY ENTIRE PLATE OF PA-SKETTI goes sauce first onto the carpet.
Oh,, there were words.
Words that made my children run and hide.
I got the LAST of the noodles when I made that plate. Did I mention the hunger? If I hadn't been so mad I would have cried.
I might still.

We did get the apple smiles done though!
They were fun to make and YUMMY! I got the recipe from the Pillsbury site. We changed ours up a bit by using candy corn for some of the teeth and carmel apple candy corn for some of the others. We made a few with marshmallows too.

So another busy day tomorrow. Co-op and house catch up. Fun.

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Stephanie said...

Oh my what a day!

Glad you could return that trumpet though!