Monday, October 29, 2007


It's official. It's fall. We woke up to frost this morning! Of course by the time we got back from physical therapy (more on that later) most of the frost was gone but there was a few spots left to take pictures of.
Physical therapy. Yes, I did not have it on the agenda for today. Last night when I was tucking the kids in, T1 said "what school work are we taking to PT in the morning"
I replied to the silly boy "we don't have PT in the morning!"
T1 said "yes we do, remember? You told the lady we couldn't come on Tuesday so it would have to be Monday and Wednesday next week? and T2 said 'we can't, we have band' and then you said 'not until 3! we can do it!'"
There was a long pause.
Then I commenced with the whineing.
So add that to one more thing I have to do today.
Sheesh. I'm going to need a headache treatment
I also have a lame flyer to put together and need to get some resembleance of a website put together for the band. Neither will be hard,, it's just doing it. I'll have to do all of this heavily medicated of course because the man I'll refer to as Jorgen Von Strangle from now on really cranked on me today and then casually said "wow,, you're really tight" to which I replied "YA THINK?" I hate him, he hates me, it's a mutual thing we've got going.
On top of all of this,, I woke up with "lady issues" this morning. I only get the "lady issues" about once every other year so yea,, it WAS a surprise.
My mantra today? "suck it up, get it done, take a pill"

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