Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Vacations, I'm a homebody.

This evening at band class we were talking about vacations. We do not go on vacation. It's an unjustified expense for us. I can't imagine the stress that spending that much money would bring! There are so many other things we need. We do go on many day trips and occasionally spend the night camping. Not much expense there. I'm not even sure where I'd want to go if I had the opportunity. We discussed Disney World. I've been there a few times as a kid. I'd go there again in a heartbeat! We also discussed big waterparks, that sounds like a blast and we can do that on a day trip! Where would you go if you had a chance? Branson , MO? NY, NY? Overseas?

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Jennifer said...

I live for vacations, and love to travel. I actually did a list of 13 places I want to see a few months ago. Top on my list was Bakersfield, CA because one of my closest friends lives there (for the last 6 yrs.) and while she comes home to WV once a year I'd like to see the west coast too.
My hubby surprised me, I'm flying out to see her this Friday for a week. He's taking care of his job, homeschool, ballet, etc.

We went to WDW last fall for under $1500 for 5nights/6days onsite for 4 of us (actuall 5 but the youngest was still free). We go to the beach every summer for between $300-$1000 (my parent's rent the house sometimes we do). There are lots of ways to have a vacation and still have a budget. We only eat out once a day, etc.

Next place I think we may see? Hubby wants to do NY city, broadway show etc. in the spring, just me & him for two nights. We'll see.

I dream of seeing Hawaii, he dreams of Alaska..quite the difference huh? Oh...and Ireland, old England etc. Travel dreams keep me busy ;0)