Tuesday, October 30, 2007


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There is a pathetically long traffic light just outside the parking lot where the kids take their band lessons. As we were sitting there yesterday, impatiently anticipating the colors to change from red to green, I saw a minor fender bender. At first I wasn't certain how minor it was because I couldn't see the backside of the car that was rear ended. It hit really hard too, it made the smaller car do a hop and a roll! I dutifully pulled off since I'd seen the wreck and waited to make sure everything was ok. Both cars pulled out of the road and into a small parking lot beside me.
First of all,, here's how the wreck went down.
The goldish sedan (looks green in the picture) was sitting at the bottom of the hill waiting for the light to change. The red SUV came towards the light, didn't slow down and slammed into the back of the sedan.
Simple enough.
Here's the part where I feel awful and I'm a complete sick pup. Maybe I just love irony I dunno. The person that was doing nothing wrong at all was the little old lady in the sedan! To top it all off she's a STUDENT DRIVER! I didn't laugh out loud until I realized they were ok! (I'm not that messed up! ha ha)


~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

Scary title! I thought it might be you. Did these people not find it weird that you were taking pictures?

crystal said...

Nah,, if you'll notice it's the same picture and I took it on the sly, I wasn't even looking their way. (-:

Stephanie said...

I saw you in that parking lot and wondered what you were doing. Now I know!