Sunday, October 21, 2007

The GOP Florida debate

Did you watch? Will you watch any of the debates? I started out this political season being very "anti-debate". I don't enjoy watching a bunch of stuffed shirts stand on stage and evade actually answering the questions ask of them. It just makes me mad.

I watched the latest GOP debate tonight and it ROCKED! Great stuff.

Giuliani- He just played the part of a BAD stand up comic the whole time. I thought his answers were devoid of content.

Huckabee- Did very very well, he's our underdog!

Thompson- Every question that was asked of him he answered by siting instances, why it doesn't work, what he'd do to make it work and why. THIS is why Fred is my man!

McCain- He was weak tonight. A few times I thought he was going to cry and say "but I'm a WAR HERO!"

Romney- He speaks well, but he also dances around the question a lot. I DON'T like that. If he actually thinks that we're buying that his health care plan isn't socialized health care, then he's NUTS. I'm also not buying the fact that he's conservative.

Paul- Man,, where do I start with Paul. Let me preface this by saying that up until a few months ago,, I was a registered libertarian. I really still am a libertarian. I "GET" Ron Paul but man,,, can't we get a representative of the libertarian party that isn't a total fruit cake? Dr. Paul? you CAN'T just abandon defence, we're not an island.

Tancredo, Hunter- I like you both, you did a fine job, now give it up! ha ha ha.
Really tho, we have a pretty broad selection amongst the candidates right now. At least none of them (as far as we know) are being accused of frequenting alcohol rehabs or airport bathrooms! (eeeeewwww!)
My favorite line in the whole debate was Fred Thompson's rebuttal when asked if he was "lazy"

After some murmurs, Fred says, “Nah that’s okay. Let me answer that… I was a father 17, a husband at the age of 17. Worked in a factory. Borrowed, got some help from my folks, they came in from the farm. I was able to be an assistant U.S. attorney at 28.” He recites his career, and concludes, “If a man can do all that and be lazy, well, I’d strongly recommend it. And I should add, most important, I’m the father of five. Two of ‘em under the age of four.”

Great answer Fred!


Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

I did like McCain's jokewhen he said he was a little tied up.

crystal said...

I know, that was one of the best quotes of the evening!