Friday, October 19, 2007


Horizons Math for 3rd Grade.

Anyone use it? Well, I thought we would really like it. The pages are bright and cheery and it looks like it would be perfect. Uhh,,, NOT so much. I considered throwing that book against the wall today.

Here's what I don't like:

There is NO instruction- none.

The teacher's edition SUX.

On today's review test, there was a section that T2 has NOT been instructed on. I looked at every page in the book. Nope. Material has NOT been covered.

So, if we can get him through 3rd grade math we're going back to Saxon. Saxon has always been great for T1 and I feel like when T2 graduates to a text book instead of a workbook it will be great for him too. (fingers crossed!)

I bought him a month of Big Math Time but I don't think I'll renew. It's not nearly as wonderful as Spelling Time .

Perhaps I'll go sans math book for a while. Concentrate solely on multiplication tables and the like. I dunno. Maybe Singapore or Math U See. I don't know,, I'm just frustrated with the whole ordeal.

If only there was a math program geared towards "gear heads". Man these kids love cars! I mean LOVE cars. They won't just tell you what car it is, they have to tell you what year, what rims, what engine, paint options, what the MSRP is and it's current recalls. Oh geeze! :::: hard eye roll ::::: The only thing they are not fans of are "Tuners". You know, those cars that kids pile all the money in, outfitting them with car spoilers, hydraulics and tinted windows. They're car snobs that way!
We went out to the Perry Farm today. It was such a pretty day! The boys chased chickens, collected eggs, explored the cave on the hill and rigged up a go-cart from an old wagon while we were there. They had a great time. I collected some walnuts. I think I may have waited to long on the walnuts. Most of them were gone, rotten or wormy. Oh well. I'll try cracking them tomorrow and see what we have.
It's supposed to be a beautiful weekend, everyone have a great Saturday and Sunday!


Anonymous said...

This does not apply to your post, however I am a conservative Christian who is active in Republican politics. I feel the best candidate for Pres. is MIKE HUCKABEE. I am trying to locate people in WV who support MIKE. If you support MIKE let me know at my blog. have forgot my password that is why I am post as anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Crystal The WVGOP has not endorsed any candidate yet. Yes several prominent GOP MEMBERS have endorsed Thompson. But the convention is on Feb 5. I believe Huckabee can get the nomination and beat Hilary, just as her husband who at that time, was a lower tiered Dem candidate, then upset George Bush Sr. But Thompson is my 2nd choice.

crystal said...

I'm happy to see your enthusiasm for the party. I believe that when we vote at the convention (I'll be there,, will we see you there?)
that Mr. Thompson will get the majority. Most of the delegates in Cabell and Kanawha Co that I've spoken to feel quite confident about this too. Here is a link to a news story that makes my suspicion even more concrete.