Sunday, October 21, 2007

Typical Weekend

On the weekends I generally try and clean house. Big Daddy usually works Saturday morning and the kids veg out. I usually do laundry. This weekend was no different, at first.

Mom dropped by and we were talking on the front porch. T1 comes around the side of the house on his bike and starts to climb the small hill that leads to our porch. Well, I guess he didn't have enough momentum because somehow he got his let tangled up in the bike and the whole thing flipped backwards on him. I just kinda glanced at him, cringed a little and thought "he'll walk it off". He always does! This time he just lay there, his fists full of grass and gritting his teeth.

I said "ya gonna make it?"


"Ok T, are you going to survive?"

a tiny little "noooooo" comes up from the grass.

I mosey over and ask him where it hurts and he says he can't move his leg.

hmmmmm, T1 is a tough kid, stitches with no painkiller," that was COOL!!!" , kinda kid.

But still, I'm like "Ok, just sit there for a minute and gather yourself, I think you're ok"

time passes, he's REALLY hurting.

I manage to lift his pant leg a little and it's really swollen.

"CRAP" it's broken I think to myself.

I feel it and it's hot.

"double crap"

"can you move your toes?"


"can you roll onto your back?"


Ok,, what am I going to do? I'm here with a kid who is weighing a good 125 lbs, as tall as me with a possible femur fracture. He's laying in the front yard now with his shorts around his ankles. (so I could see the area)

UGH! I can't lift him into the car, where would I put him if I could? Will I screw him up for life if I move him? What do I do?

You guessed it, I had to call 911. He's embarrassed, I'm embarrassed, heck... we're all feeling a little stupid. But, what do you do?

So, we got to take a big old ride in an ambulance on Saturday. We also got to spend 5 hours in the ER for a deep tissue bruise. Yup,, NO BREAK. I didn't think there was but who knew?

Our EMT was a guy I'd treated in physical therapy. Super nice guy. He said he'd been on life flight the day before and was flying in with an 11 yo girl who'd been barrel racing and had a horse fall on her. He said she had the same injury and it was very painful indeed. This helped T1 feel not so silly, I think.

All of this and I got NO pictures.
Wow, not how I wanted to spend Saturday but it was less painful than say,,,, buying Bette Midler tickets, taking the SATs or watching a Michael Moore "documentary". (yes,, the quotes were on purpose.) They have TVs with cable in the trauma rooms at St. Mary's now! We watched all of Ronin and all of Forrest Gump. At least we were entertained! I knitted 2 hats so I felt productive too.
He's fine today. Well, not totally fine but up and walking around. He says that this is a valid reason to never go outside again and to always just play video games. I disagree!

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