Saturday, October 27, 2007

slipper fit.

The weather is getting chilly! I love it and it has sent me into a slipper making FIT! About a week ago I dug out a pair that I had crocheted last year. I wore them around for a day or two and they started to get really scroungy. (don't read too much into that! i.e. the state of my floors). They needed thrown in the washer but I didn't want to part with them. I need a new pair I told myself! So off I went to my stack of patterns to hunt for the booklet I used to make them. No luck. I can't find it! No problem,, the interwebs will come to my rescue! I found many pair but none I wanted to try right off the top. So out of my personal stash of patterns I found this one. I crocheted them and after the first one I knew I didn't like them. To big, not snug enough, soooo ugly. I did an extra row of reduction and put a "mary jane" strap on them to keep them on. In one word? Fail. So then I cracked out the knitting needles and tried this online pattern. I LOVE IT!! It's everything I love about a fun pattern. It works up in a little less than 2 hours (BOTH FEET!), it's a stash buster (uses 3 strands knit together!), it's fun and easy, it's COZY and very COMFY!, and it's cute!

I loved it so much I had to make another pair! These won't be my last either.
It was very difficult to get the 2nd pair done tho,, Mister Kitty was soooooo tired. He to hop up and snuggle into my arm and snooze. How can you tell a kitty this cute to get down?


Becca said...

That is very, very close to a slipper pattern that I've been looking for! DH has some slippers someone sent him in Iraq that he just loves and they are falling apart. They look almost like those, except they have a double layer of fabric. But I think those will work.

Your previous post cracked me up. We are also entering "imaginary jean sizes".

Crystal said...

What a wonderful way to stay cozy with some comfy slippers and a cuddly kitty!