Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Project Day

I didn't post about Project Day last Friday!
The boys really liked it. I was really surprised! It's like a cross between speech class and advanced show and tell. The kids work on something, anything really, and then they come together and tell the other kids about it. I really wish I had taken video of the event. The boys did SO WELL!

T1 used his note cards but he didn't look at them the whole time. He really knew his material. T2 used his note cards and read from them in a very clear voice with not a bit of nervousness.
OH,, what did they talk about?
Beavers. Yup, they have been obsessed with beavers for quite a while now. I used this as an opportunity to talk a little more about water ecology.
They build a beaver dam out of paper mache, twigs, a box lid, and plaster of paris. They also fashioned a beaver family out of Fimo clay.
One little girl read her essay on oxygen. It was very nicely done.
Another young lady gave us a very informative talk on Orangutans. She even brought different stuffed animals to demonstrate the different varieties. She also used them to point out the unique physical attributes that they have.
I'm not going to reveal what we're working on for next month,, you'll just have to wait and see!


Jenny said...

Oh, those beavers are THE cutest!!

~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

Hmphh! wish I could have seen that... guess I could have if I wasn't such a spaz. ;)

The diorama (correct term?) looked really cool though!