Saturday, October 27, 2007

I knew that we would accomplish NO bookwork yesterday.
I didn't mention to the boys that they had the day off though, I like to keep my options open! Ha ha.
First I had to go to physical therapy. GOD HOW I HATE THAT MAN.
*As a side note. I worked as a physical therapy aide for quite a while. I loved, loved, loved that job. I liked working with the patients, I liked the actual record keeping, I just really enjoyed the work. I wish I could still be doing it.
Here's what I hate about being this man's patient.
Him- "I want you to stretch it until it "just does" hurt, it shouldn't be painful."
(me- stretching pathetically)
Him (condescending)- "You're gonna have to stretch it more than that if you're ever gonna get better!"
Me- "Make up your d*mn mind would you?"
Him- "Surely that doesn't hurt"
Me- (shoots him an evil, tear filled glare)
Him- On a scale of 1-10, how much?
Me- "1 stubbing my toe, 8 giving birth to an 11lb 26.5 inch baby with no epidural, hmmmm,,,, this is a good solid 9.5"
So after that the children were whining because they were hungry. What? you have to feed them? Geeesh.
They suggested Wendy's. I wanted to try the new Steak-N-Shake we have up the road.
I got the combo meal and the kids got a kids meal. Now T1 hasn't had a kids meal in ages and ages but I convinced him that it would be an excellent way to sample the place without too much of a commitment.
My review?
1 being Golden Corral when the cheese sauce has a crusty film and 10 being Carrabba's steak house, I'd give it a not so solid 4.
The kids loved it but I think it was more atmosphere then actual flavor. The wore those stooooopid paper burger flipper hats all stinkin' day! I wish I'd gotten a picture of it. It was so funny.
After that we mosied over to the mall and I got my hair cut. I haven't had my hair cut in AGES. The computer at the hair salon said it's been almost a year to the day. Sad. It's not the best haircut I've ever had but it's not bad either. At least I can get a brush through it now and I look slightly less like a female truck driver.
Next on the agenda was shopping for jeans for the boys. KILL. ME. NOW. We didn't get one pair. Now, I think I could have if I was willing to pay $30.00 a pair for pants that was going to have holes in the knees in 2 weeks but I'm not that person.
First of all, we went to Dick's. They often have good clearance and I thought I could get a handle on what kinds of things T1 wanted for Christmas (clothes wise). NO LUCK. Not only did they not have any clearance that wasn't a women's size XS sports bra but they didn't have one pair of pants at any price T1's size.
So we went to Steve and Barry's. They have all their pants half off right now (ba dum crash! I'll be here all week people!) so I thought, "OH! this is IT! We'll get pants here!"
No,,, no we won't.
T1 is apparently in this mystical pants world called the very short man/very tall boy. They actually don't make pants this size,, you just imagine them. They are apparently invisible because I CAN'T FIND THEM. Size 18 boys are too big in the waist and too short. Size 28w 30L in men's are too long (and ever so slightly too big in the waist)
T2 also struck out at Steve and Barry's. I know what I have to do for him though and it's going to cost big bucks at JcPenny. Size 9 slim. ::::: hard eye roll ::::::: I hate 9slims! They are also very hard to find. T1 had to wear them too. Where did they all go?
All right. This is getting wordy. I'll wrap it up with one last thing that's on my mind.
Last year was our first year. I almost enjoyed it when people would ask "You boys skippin' school today?" I looked forward to saying "we're done with school for the day!" because it would inevitably lead to a conversation about why they don't go to government school. Now? Not so much. I supposed I'm becoming more and more anti-social but I don't want to have this conversation anymore. We rarely leave the house before 2 anyway, so usually it's not an issue unless someone has a dr's appt.. Since we were on the road all day yesterday during normal people hours, we were asked not once but 4 TIMES "I guess ya'll are skippin' school today huh?"
I just smile and say "no".
That confuses people enough to where they don't say anything more.
The boys on the other hand have finally gotten on the home school wagon and now they feel the need to tell everyone.
"We do our school work at home.", "We'll never go back to public school because we hate it!"
Oh, Lord. Will I fit under the table?
Perhaps I'll just start heading their comments off at the pass again. I don't know why I'm surprised, they ARE my kids. Obnoxious.

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