Sunday, October 14, 2007

Well, Hello there.

I haven't seen you since Wednesday!

You didn't really miss much. If you'll recall, Tuesday I was pretty sure I was on death's door. Well "IT" didn't really get really horrible until Wednesday night/Thursday day. The only good thing about it coming to such a horrific apex is that when you start to feel even the tiniest bit better you feel like you're the healthiest person alive!

I'm better now. Just a tiny sniffle. Of course,, T2 has it now and Daddy-o has spent all day with us so it's only a matter of time!

By Saturday I had such cabin fever! The boys and I decided to go out and select a few pumpkins for carving next week. Picking our pumpkins is serious bizniz! We eat have our own special criteria.
These are mine and Dad's. I'm a stem girl. I like a nice big healthy looking stem. Preferably one with curly ques still on but we were at wal-mart, I didn't get REAL picky! I think the one of the left needs to be carved sideways, never mind that is the only way it'll set!

T2 is a fan of roundness. He likes his pumpkin to have a nice traditional shape. Forget about the stem! This is a HUGE pumpkin too. You can't tell by the picture.

T1's requirement is a smooth "face". He doesn't like carving through the ridges. He's also a "stem man".

And just because I've been reading too many Martha Stewart and Better homes and Garden's Magazines, I had to have a few "funky punkies". Cool huh?

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