Sunday, October 7, 2007

Old bottle

The guys went outside to shoot a new crossbow they built. I say that with heavy laden despair. Wow, I've been so so so so bored lately but building a crossbow is not what this "only girl in the house" mama has in mind. Oh well. I don't really know what I have in mind. My shoulder hurts too badly to knit. Darn physical therapy. I've eaten everything under the sun and now my pants don't fit.
Ever just have the "can't help it's"?
So anyway.... on with the crossbow. They were shooting arrows into the hillside. They went over to retrieve one and found this bottle! Pretty cool huh? It's a Whistle Soda bottle from 1947. Want a great tasting drink? Just Whistle!
Here's a better picture from a collector.

It's in pretty bad shape but man,, it's been outside for 60 years! You would be too! I'm surprised that there is any paint left on it at all! I'm kinda fascinated by old bottles and such. This one is nice and heavy. It doesn't have any knicks or cracks in it either!
It's interesting what can be lurking in your own yard and you not even know it! It's not surprising that the house in front of us was built in 1947. We found some neat stuff when they dug the foundation for our addition. Nothing that was in as good shape as this bottle though. A few crumpled steel beer cans and some bottle bottoms with dates.

The best part about it is the "WHISTLE BOTTLING CO. HUNTINGTON, W. VA." part is still very visible. Very cool.
This kinda sparks my interest because I've had many family members who've worked in the glass packing industry. I wonder what the Whistle Bottle Co. Was like? I wonder where it was?
Ahh,, a mystery indeed!

Here you can see the bottom. Not very interesting but it does reveal the date and the bottlers symbol.

On other fronts. We tried to do school all week this week and we were mostly successful. Dad was home this past week and there were many distractions.
We had an interesting math question:
If the perimeter of a room is 80ft, what is the area?
Easy right?
uh,, it SHOULD be but think about it!
If the room is square then the area is 400 sq. ft. (i.e. each wall is 20ft)
If the room is 10 by 30ft. then the area changes to 300 sq. ft.
If the room is 5 by 35ft. then the area changes to 175 sq. ft.
So on and so forth!
Interesting huh? We concluded that even Saxon math would not expect a 6-7th grader to wrap their mind around a concept so organic and it must be a typo but it really threw us for a loop.
In my mind, it shouldn't matter how short 2 of the walls are,, the shape should contain the same amount of room but it's just not so. It's a ratio thing. I still don't fully understand it.

The kids have been fighting like cats and dogs. It's a good thing they still have separate corners to go to. If we had given in a few years ago and purchased bunk beds I wouldn't have any way to separate them. They need more to do I guess but wow....... I don't want to do more! I don't like to be run ragged all day long. This is going to be a busy week. Physical therapy 3x for me (YUCK!) a library skills class, band and we must must must do some fall (spring) cleaning because the junk is taking over again and the boys closets need cleaned out big time in preparation for winter.
I'm a little scared to see what kind of clothes the kids have for winter. I'm afraid it may be NONE. It was easy when they were little. Now T1 is wearing a small man's size and he was so hard on his clothes that most of the hand me downs are not suitable for T2.

Time to hit the Goodwill (but don't tell the kids!).

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