Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween Week

This will be such a busy week.
Monday- Band Now band isn't until 3pm and it's all of 3 minutes from my house but still for some reason we're always running behind on Mondays.
Tuesday- Co-op 10-12:30
Trick or Treat from 6-?
I still haven't finalized the kids' costumes so back up to Monday afternoon. I'll have to do that then.
We're going up to my MIL's house for Trick or Treat. She has a nice safe little neighborhood and I can just let the kids run. No cars to worry about and all the houses really get into it. They're all lit up with lights and decorations. Some friends might come up with us this year. The kids are SO looking forward to it.
Wednesday- I've got an appt. with the orthopedic surgeon and physical therapy. Joy.
Thursday- deep breath...... I MAY not have anything to do this day! WHOO HOOO! Don't count on it tho. This might be the first day we do any actual bookwork this week! We'll at least try to do math and read a little everyday but as for getting in all the subjects everyday? Not this week.
Friday- Physical therapy again. It's really "crampin'" my style. Really. It messes up our whole day and I'm generally exhausted and need heavy drugs afterwards. Have I mentioned how much I hate it?
Of course I didn't mention any cooking or cleaning or anything of that sort and all of that still needs to be done. This house is so aggravating. We outgrew it long long ago. It gets dirty so easily because there's no room for anything! I need to get rid of about half of everything we have. Maybe replace the entertainment center with a plasma lift and get some decent book shelves. That would be SO SWEET!
A girl can dream right?


Jenny said...

You realize that Halloween is Wednesday, right?

crystal said...

Yeah, we have Trick or Treat on the day before for some reason tho. They've been doing it that way since I was a kid. I'm not sure what the reason is!

jewlsntexas said...

Thanks for the encouragement about the bread making! I am sure that I do save money - but also that we are healthier for it - and that is a great benefit that is not monetary (unless you consider medical expenses!)

I was thinking just a little while ago while I was brushing my teeth that little things like this have to happen once in a while to make you appreciate it. When my oven is back to normal, I will be so happy and appreciate that I have it - at least for a little while!

Stephanie said...

Band seems to throw me off too. Funny because we are almost always done with school before then. I don't know what it is!

~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

Funny that you head this way for TorT and we head down your way. LOL
We need to get rid of half of everything we own, too. I thought I did but it keeps coming back! LOL