Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tuesday's co-op

Co-op went exceedingly well today. My opinion of it is good probably because I wasn't responsible for anything other than a snack. Easy enough huh? The kids learned about famous people from WV, the state facts (state flower, animal, colors, the Governor... etc.). The boys told me that they learned about minerals in science, sculpted in art and had a good time in gym. I served snack for each group and then I got to sit down and knit. I finally got to the arm dividing row on a sweater I'm knitting so it's all good.

After Co-op we went to the monthly homeschool skate. The kids look forward to that so much! They of course had a great time. No one lost any teeth or broke their butt bones so that went well too.
T and I got Cam's Ham for lunch.

Oh yeah baby.... oh yeah. It's been a few years since I've had one and it's as good as I remember! I ate onion rings too and wow... am I paying for it!

Heart burn city.

Cam's Ham is a staple here in Huntington WV.

If you're ever down this way,, you must give it a try.
Now I'm tired and I have much cleaning to do. Ugh, this place is a mess.
Later! Hit the lights when you leave ok?

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